Spontaneous abortion treatment with acupuncture and Cordyceps sinensis

Article type : Case Report | تاریخ ثبت : 2016/06/04

  • Authors

    1. Kozovska Kristina
    2. Arsovska Blagica
    3. Zhu Jihe
  • abstract

    Spontaneous abortion or miscarriage is very common nowadays. Our patient is a 38 year old woman with history of four spontaneous abortions and inability to carry the baby after 12th week of pregnancy with positive CMV IgG results. The treatment includes 11 acupuncture treatments and Cordyceps synensis in capsule, 1g two times a day starting from 01.08.2014. The patient takes the Cordyceps during the pregnancy too, and in March, 2016 she gave a birth to a healthy baby girl. Acupuncture treatment and Cordyceps sinensis as part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, are effective treatments and give positive results in the treatment of spontaneous abortion, as well as protecting the fetus in pregnancy.
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