Glandular odontogenic cyst of the mandible

Article type : Case Report | تاریخ ثبت : 2016/04/12

  • Authors

    1. Maleki Laleh
    2. Hekmatimoghadam Seyedhossein
    3. Tabatabaei Seyedhossein
    4. Hosseinzadeh Firouzabadi Azadeh
    5. Navab Azam Alireza
  • abstract

    GIandular odontogenic cyst (GOC) is a rare developmental cyst of the jaws with odontogenic origin. The first GOC was described in 1988 by Gardner et al. GOC does not differ from other jawbone cysts in clinical and radiological features. The importance of GOCs lies in the fact that they exhibit a propensity for recurrence and they may be confused microscopically with central muco-epidermoid carcinoma. The case occurred in a 52-year-old male, as an asymptomatic, slow growing swelling in the body of the mandible with extensive multilocular radiolucency in radiography. For this patient the clinicoradiographic provisional diagnoses were ameloblastoma, odontogenic keratocyst and central giant cell granuloma. On specimen histopathological examinations from incisional biopsy, the lesion was diagnosed as GOC. GOC is a rare and aggressive lesion with relatively high recurrence rate. The increased recurrence rate can be due to its intrinsic biological behavior or incomplete removal especially in multilocular cases.
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