Presentation of a Behcet Case with Lung Malignancy: A Case Report

Article type : Case Report | تاریخ ثبت : 2017/04/16

  • Authors

    1. Mirfeizi Zahra
    2. Atabati Elham
  • abstract

    The case to be presented here is a case with Behcet Disease and Superior vena cava syndrome that developed solid malignant tumor two years after diagnosis. the patient was a 45-year-old male who was presented with pain and progressive swelling in his neck and face for two weeks. He was initially diagnosed with Behcet Disease. However, upon extensive follow-up procedure and repeated chest X-rays, open lung biopsy was performed where histopathological report showed invasive adenocarcinoma. He referred to the oncologist who started chemotherapy for him with IV cisplatin and etoposide on a monthly basis. . . . . . .
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