A Cervical Nerve Root Ewing Sarcoma Resembling a Schwannoma

Article type : Case Report | تاریخ ثبت : 2017/08/16

  • Authors

    1. AlHabib Amro
    2. AlRaddadi Khulood
    3. AlKhalidi Hisham
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    A 31-year-old lady treated four years prior to the recent presentation from thyroid papillary cancer with surgery and radioactive iodine. She presented with neck stiffness and left C7 radiculopathy and numbness for 6 months. Physical examination revealed left elbow extension weakness, muscle wasting, decreased sensation to pain, and absent left triceps jerk. Cervical MRI showed a 1 x 2 cm well-defined T2 hyperintense mass with heterogeneous enhancement suggestive of a nerve sheath tumor-like schwannoma and a mildly expanded left C6-C7 neural foramen. Surgical intervention included facetectomy and gross total removal of the tumor. Histopathology showed features of Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor (PNET)/Ewing"s Sarcoma. Accordingly, the patient was treated with chemotherapy. Post-operative MRI cervical spine did not show any residual tumor. The patient is independent at one year following her treatment and is back to work.
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