Pulmonary mucormycosis and hand amputation in a patient with acute myeloid leukemia :a diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma

Article type : Case Report | تاریخ ثبت : 2020/01/05

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    1. Vahedian-Ardakani Hasanali
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    Pulmonary mucormycosis is a rare disease, difficult to diagnose and treat condition. This case is a 59-year-old man known case of acute myeloid leukemia (AML), presented with 1-month long productive cough, along with fever and neutropenia. Pulmonary mucormycosis was confirmed as the diagnosis by transbronchial lung biopsy. While antibacterial therapy was ineffective, amphotericin B was initiated as the treatment and continued for 20 days, with consequent improvement on symptoms. The patient was discharged thereafter, and antifungal regimen was continued with oral posaconazole syrup. Amputation of the left hand was done, subsequent to subclavian artery compression due to mass effect from upper lobe of the left lung.
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